Manicure Services in Woodbury, NY

For softer, smoother hands, treat yourself to a manicure. Allow our therapists to trim, shape and polish your nails to perfection while you enjoy a soothing hand treatment. We offer a variety of manicure service options to choose from; learn more about our treatments, prices, and time expectations below.

Manicure Options

Classic Manicure


Our classic manicure begins with a warm soak to help soften cuticles for removal. Next, your hands will undergo a wonderful green tea scrub to help exfoliate. Then we massage moisture replenishing white tea lotion into your hands for smoothness and relaxation. We finish with a nail protein base coat and quick dry topcoat.
(Exfoliation, Special Lotion, Nail Hardener, Quick Dry Topcoat)

Citrus Spa Manicure


Citrus essential oils, vitamin E, and antioxidants are formulated to stimulate the senses as they smooth, refine, and condition. With its zesty fragrance, our citrus spa manicure will energize, refresh, and lift your spirits every time.
(Invigorating Citrus Milk Bath Warm-Oil Soak, Revitalizing Citrus Moisture Scrub Hand Treatment, Relaxing Hand and Arm Massage [Extra 10 Min], Silky-Smooth Hand Lotion, Nail Hardener. Quick Dry Topcoat)

Aroma Crème Spa Manicure


Treat your nails, cuticles and skin with our delicately fragranced aroma cream manicure using antiseptic keratin emulsion gloves. The emulsion will hydrate your skin, strengthen the nails and soften cuticles. It is formulated with 100% vegetable active ingredients derived from renewable sources and avoids the use of acetone. Your skin will emerge miraculously silky, healthy, and smooth.
(Aroma Effervescent Soaking, Antiseptic Keratin Emulsion Glove, Relaxing Hand and Arm Massage [Extra 15 Min], Nail Hardener, Quick Dry Topcoat)

Royal Lavender Spa Manicure


Younger-looking hands are possible with this special hand treatment. It brings a facial-quality care to hands with a system of products that exfoliates, revitalizes, renews, and protects. For instantly visible results that improve skin with every use.
(Aroma Effervescent Soaking, Royal Verbena Skin Renewal Exfoliation, Illuminating Masque Wrapping, Warming Mittens, Relaxing Hand and Arm Massage [Extra 20 Min], Rejuvenating Serum, Finish Butter, Nail Hardener, Quick Dry Topcoat)

UV Color Gel


(Uses Gel Lacquer)
Lasts for up to 2 weeks and beyond of flawless wear and color.

UV Color Gel French Add-On


UV Color Gel French Add-On


Polish Change


Sanitize, light massage, hot towel, fresh polish.

Royal Gardenia Woods Spa Manicure


Manicure Add-Ons







(nails/nails & toes)



(polish/top coat)

Keratin Glove Treatment




(each/for 10 nails)

Color Gel Design


Color Gel Soak Off